You don’t need a major image overhaul to improve your fortunes in the gay dating game this year. Here are 6 easy ways to make a big difference.

Become driven and motivated.

Ambition, motivation and drive are sexy as hell. Not many people see someone sitting on the couch all day, unemployed and slightly overweight, due to the high consumption of saturated fats, and say, “Ah yes, very sexy.”

Someone who has goals, who pushes himself to do better is always seen as sexy. Someone who inspires you to do, give or be more than you are is someone worth your time.

However, it should be a two-way street; if she is constantly inspiring you, pushing you and picking you up, what do you offer back?

Rather than sitting back and selfishly reaping in the luxuries, try becoming driven and ambitious. That way, you can work together to push each other.

Take pride in your appearance.

Like it or lump it, how you present yourself is going to change how you’re perceived — so put some effort in. You don’t have to empty your savings account, but take some time to develop a style that makes you feel good and look good. Pair a killer outfit with good grooming and a signature scent and people will take notice. When I ditched my neckbeard and cargo shorts in favor of v-necks and cologne, I started to feel better. People started complimenting me, which in turn made me grow three feet taller and my chest hair grew thick and coarse. Needless to say, my gay dating success more than tripled.

Be honest.

We all want someone who can be honest with us in any situation, ranging from, “Does this make me look fat?” to “Did you cheat on me?”

You can not expect someone to be truthful to you 100 percent of the time when you yourself are not sipping on the honest tea. You’ll have to look for the truth within yourself before seeking it in others.

Be open.

There is nothing sexier than arguing passionately about something that started out as a joke. And instead of simply throwing words back and forth to each other, your SO catches your words and takes the time to understand what you’re saying.

Then, your SO admits he can understand where you’re coming from.

POV is incredibly important in all aspects of a relationship.

Get yourself out there.

As a younger man, my love life was pretty dismal. I would also spend all day every day sitting in my room. It took me a long time to connect the dots. If you want dates, you have to get yourself out there. Gay dating apps like Gay Dating Solutions are a great start, but I’ve also met people in local gay bars. Don’t just hit on everyone you meet, but try to form genuine connections. Take an interest in other people. Even if you don’t find the love of your life right away, friends are just as valuable in the long haul.

Be your best self.

Who you are isn’t static. You’re going to behave differently around your tutors compared to your best friend. Look at all of your different selves and figure out which one you really want to be. The version of myself who used to make mean jokes was lonely and unhappy, so I stopped doing that and I’ve been better off since. Identity is a big and complex journey. But starting that journey is important not just for your dating life, but for your own personal growth.





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