Your current pop obsession brought an unabashedly gay set to SNL.

We are only weeks into Troye Sivan’s new era as the prince of gay pop, and already he’s making major moves towards global domination. In case you missed it, your ultimate twink fantasy made his Saturday Night Live debut last night, performing the unquestionable smash hit “My My My” as well as “The Good Side,” which was released only a few days ago.
While Sivan seemed a bit nervous during the opening of “My My My,” he quickly found his (literal) groove, thrashing around the stage with moves straight out of the track’s music video.
Was anyone else gleeful to see images of half-naked men projected behind Sivan on one of television’s most enduring shows? Sivan is really working the homosexual agenda. For his second performance of the night, the musician then treated viewers to a sweeter, more emotional performance of “The Good Side.”
It’s both refreshing and honestly a bit groundbreaking to see music this unapologetically gay on a show as major and indelible as Saturday Night Live. And Sivan’s overwhelmed reaction to finishing his final performance and realizing the feat he’d just accomplished is beyond adorable.
Read more at: Out Magazine.

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