You’ve got to get over the past if you have any hope of finding ‘The One’ for the future.

Original story from Attitude Magazine
Honesty isn’t a quality that only same sex relationships require, but in my experience, some men I’ve dated seem to find it incredibly difficult to tell the fucking truth! I guess that’s why I like to be so brutally honest myself.
I briefly picked up on this in my last column, but I think most guys would find it difficult to trust someone once they’ve been cheated on. University, for most people, was a time to get drunk, discover yourself, get even drunker and explore your sexuality to the fullest – as well as going to the odd lecture when you could drag yourself out of bed. I was definitely no different.
However, at this point in my life, I was around 8 stone heavier, had a severe lack of confidence and unfortunately was in serious denial about who or what I deserved. I made plenty of bad choices; from friends who took advantage to that guy who I thought was cute giving me a smile or glance in the bar then treating me like something he could use and dispose of after he’d finished.
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