There are many of us who are tired of hooking up through Grindr and ManJam and are just looking for something sweet, romantic, and long-term. But the world of online dating can be scary; you never know who you’re going to meet, or who you’re not going to meet. And it doesn’t help that most dating sites are so heteronormative, leaving a little bit of space for us LGBT(QA) folk. Well, that’s why we at Gay Dating Solutions want to help ease the process for you, and guide you safely through the digital gay sea while creating a safe space specifically for men to find each other. You may have dabbled a bit in online dating here and there, but you don’t think it’s going to work out. Have you ever stopped to think why? Here are a few you should consider before jumping in:

 Think Outside the Box 

 When creating a list of all the things we want, we often go too far. In real life, you don’t have any expectations, love comes when it comes. So you may ideally want someone with an eight pack, and sexy tattooed biceps, along with a charming smile, heavily stamped passport and a mansion; but you’ve got to give the cute hipster looking coffee shop barista a try. So what if a guy has terrible taste in music or books? You can work around that, think about meeting someone in real life; you wouldn’t interview them about likes and dislikes, right? Give everyone a chance. Unless they’re total creeps, then run.

 Be Honest 

 Don’t go on and on about the damn long walks on the beach. That’s clichéd, and nobody’s going to take you seriously. We get it, everyone likes beaches and puppies; but what else can you say about yourself? Are you a serious quiet guy searching for a snuggle-buddy to drink wine with, or a night-club enthusiast looking to turn your partner’s life into the glitterfest it was always meant to be? Consider what it means to be in a loving, committed, and long-term relationship. Think about what you want your future partner to know about you. Nobody should start a relationship based on a lie. So forget making up an impressive online dating resume, and focus on what makes you, you.

 Be Realistic 

 You’re probably not going to hit the jackpot with the first guy you meet. Be ready to kiss a whole bunch of frogs, and always arm yourself with mace before you head out to meet someone new for drinks. You never know what might happen. We’re not trying to scare you, just telling you to be prepared for anything. Don’t think of it as a chore, though. Invest your time and energy into it, but remember to have fun. And always keep your expectations realistic, that’s the only you’ll persevere in your quest to find the right guy.
Gay relationships are very different from straight or lesbian ones, because as men, our society never allowed us to fully possess the basic skills we need to be emotionally intelligent and aware. That’s why when you find the right guy, you should remember to communicate, be honest, and open. Sign up with us to meet great new people, and start a new chapter in your life.

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