Today’s homosexual is just as tenacious as he ever was, except now his options are virtually limitless. Since the birth of gadgets and hook-up apps, we’ve become picky, clueless, and impractical with our people skills. The result? A bar full of flirting retards.

It’s not every day we have the opportunity to hone our social skills. Whether you’re flirting or just trying to meet new friends, a good pick up line is one of the best tools you can have. Not only does it set the bar for the entire conversation, but it’s the one thing we tend to remember most.
The trick to breaking the ice lies in three steps:
Observe his surroundings, i.e. his drink, his friends, his outfit, his physical traits, or his demeanor.
React to it. Mentioning something he relates to will relax him.
Introduce yourself once the ice is broken.
  • #1) “Nice. Vodka Soda. Smart Idea. Do They Make Them Strong Here?” – Right off the bat, you’ve engaged him by asking a question that he’s bound to answer. Depending on how you ask it, you can show a great deal of your personality.
  • #2) “I love your smile. I’m officially calling you ‘dimples.’” – By pointing out his dimples, you probably have made him smile which will lead to more flirtatious teasing, thus creating a nice segue into your introductions.
  • #3) “Trouble In Paradise?” – Sure this is a pretty old line, but it works because there’s an underlining humor behind it. This should be used when the person you’re flirting with is alone. It has a surprising track record of getting a person to open up.
  • #4) “You like The Incredible Hulk? Aaaand, when are we getting married?” – If they’re wearing any kind of “nerdy” shirt with a special kind of franchise on it, it’s always a great idea to mention it in a teasing way. Not only will this make them giggle, but it showcases your humorous side.
  • #5) “You don’t seem to fit in here, (laugh) I don’t either. I’m ____.” By acknowledging that both of you are uncomfortable in whatever scene you’re in can create a great connection. Obviously this should only be used when they’re isolated from their friends or appear disoriented.
  • #6) “Do you go to my gym?” – Before you roll your eyes with this one, keep in mind that these types of questions will always lead to further discussion. Soon, you’re talking about which gym you both go to, how often you work out, maybe some of the routines you like, etc. Then voila! The ice is broken.
  • #7) “I hate to bother you, but I don’t come to this area often. What is this place called again?” – Not only can this give you an opportunity to be a little “naïve,” which is always cute, but it’s a perfect way to get a sense of their personality. Are they kind enough to help you?
  • #8) “Wow. You are so fired.” – This is a great line to use if they’ve done something slightly embarrassing to make fun of, i.e. spill a drink, trip on a chair, get someone’s name wrong, or lose at a game. It gives the message that you aren’t trying to impress him by kissing his ass, which is sexy, plus it gives you a chance to show your personality.
  • #9) “You’re getting flirted with left and right. What’s your secret?” – This line compliments them without appearing like you’re trying to feed their ego. Most reactions would be a laugh, followed by a playful remark.
  • #10) “This is a stupid question… but do you have Facebook?” – I’ve seen this pick up line used a few times by my friend (who is the funniest man I’ve ever met) and the guy he’s flirting with always laughs and responds with a sarcastic or sassy response, which leads to a hilarious introduction. The funnier you get with this one, the better.

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