You finally found a great guy online and liked him enough to
meet him. The first date was perfect; but was it too perfect? Have you set the
bar too high? What are you going to do on the second date? Don’t worry; we at Gay Dating Solutions know just how you
feel. In straight dating, convention dictates that the guy plans out the date;
in gay dating, whoever wants to plan can plan. And if you stepped up to the
plate by deciding the details for the first date, chances are you’re
responsible for planning the second one too. For most guys, second date nerves
are very common. But fear not, we’ve got just the right tips for you to have a
great second date, and some ideas that you can jot down for later dates too:


The first date is the awkward getting-to-know-you bit and
that’s when you talk about your job and education and background. The second
date starts to dig deeper, and that’s when you really learn more about your
date. That’s why you need to make sure that wherever you go, it has to be a
place where you can talk freely and not have to worry about someone overhearing
you or telling you to quiet down. Going to the park, and sitting on a bench to
just chat and maybe hold hands is a lovely way to spend a second date, and
allows you to share and be open while keeping it subtly cute and romantic.


You’re still getting to know someone, and it doesn’t hurt to
put your best foot forward to show them how wonderful you are. Maybe take your
guy out to a classy dinner at a sophisticated place. It will be just the right
blend of sweet and formal to make your date feel special. Don’t go too far with
formalities, and make him uncomfortable; but enough to let him know that he is
important to you, and you wish to provide the best you can for this relationship.
A nice dinner will eventually lead to a drive back home and intimacy, or a
sweet goodbye and the promise of a tomorrow.


If your first date was a coffee shop, or a bar, or a
sit-down meal, it would do you well to switch it up a little. A change of
scenery is sure to spark your date’s interest. Maybe forego conventional date
ideas like movies and restaurants, and take him someplace you have a personal
connection to. Wouldn’t you love if your date took you to the planetarium where
he first discovered his love for astronomy? It gives you the perfect chance to
forge deep connections and learn about your partner, while helping him discover
parts of you.

It always helps to know what your partner likes; you don’t
want to end up on a mini-golf course only to realize your date hates it. It
also helps to have his input so that you can surprise them with a lovely second
date and make sure they keep coming back for more. 

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