There’s something for everyone in the lively metropolis of Houston. The largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the US is a melting pot of many cultures, and you’ll be delighted by the unique blend of Southern, Western, Mexican, and international cultures. This dynamic city is the perfect place to let loose.

Houston defies Texas’s dry, barren stereotype with its surprisingly lush and green landscape. Nestled between two magnolia and cypress-lined bayous and bordered by a lush natural forest, Houston sprawls across 600 square miles. The subdivisions, strip malls, and freeways surround a bold and vibrant downtown featuring striking glass and metal towers, and some of Texas’s most original, bold architecture. There’s a skyscraper topped with a Mayan pyramid, a Gothic church styled bank, and two medical towers that are topped with big syringes! Throughout diverse and cosmopolitan Houston there are many fine museums, galleries, theaters, malls, eateries that cater to the backgrounds of the increasingly diverse population.
The climate is similar to that of Louisiana and Mississippi: moist and warm. The most temperate seasons to visit are Spring and Autumn, with temperatures around 80 degrees during the day and in the 50’s at night. There’s no snow in the winter, but it gets chilly, with highs around 60 degrees and lows of about 40 degrees. Summer is hot and humid, with daytime temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and humidity at around 90%. During this season, virtually every cubic inch of indoor space is air conditioned, so you’ll have no problem escaping the heat. No matter when you choose to visit, pack your just-in-case rain gear, as surprise cloudbursts and thunderstorms are short-lived but common.

The Gay Scene in Houston

The Montrose District, where Montrose and Westheimer Boulevards intersect, is where you’ll find the highest concentration of GLBT lifestyle in Houston. The lively Gayborhood of Montrose is comprised of people from all walks of life, and is one of the most diverse, sophisticated and dynamic neighborhoods in the city.
The streets are lined with lovingly restored historic craftsman buildings, which hold a sophisticated blend of elite clothing shops/boutiques, bohemian cafes, galleries, and specialty shops. The host of fine restaurants, boasting the finest cuisine available in all of Houston, will be sure to delight even the most discerning palate. The Montrose district is home to a vivacious set of party people, all of whom welcome the LGBT lifestyle. The nightlife offers a range of choices: there are around 2 dozen Gay bars and clubs, and you’ll easily find the perfect spot to fit your mood. Head to the tranquil, discreet spots for relaxing happy hours, or blow off some steam at the rowdy dive bars. Also, many of the best dance clubs in the South can be found here, with a diverse range of themes like country western, leather-and-lace, and vibrant dance parties. You won’t find a better area to unwind and let your true (Rainbow) colors shine!

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