He described the moment as a ‘high school dream’ come true.


A group of straight guys adorably got together and asked their gay friend to be their homecoming date.

17-year-old True Herrera turned up for class as usual at Whittier High School in California on 7 September.

But when he walked through the school grounds, he heard music blasting in the distance.

He then saw his straight guy friends with a huge banner that read: ‘We’re straight, you’re gay – be our hoco date.’

(‘Hoco’ is short for ‘homecoming’)

As Herrerra approached his friends, they all ran up to him and wrapped him in the sign. They then gave him a giant group hug.

True Herrerra and his straight school friends


Herrerra explained to Gay Star News why the moment was so special to him.

He said: ‘You see, throughout all four years of high school, I had never been asked to a dance before.

‘The gay population at my school is relatively low,’ he said.

Herrerra continued: ‘The week prior, I had told a group of friends how I had always wanted to be asked. Fortunately, my guy friends put any kind of fragile masculinity aside and made a high school dream of mine come to fruition.

‘Right after, I thanked them for their surprising ask and for not caring what others might have thought.

‘I, of course, said yes,’ he said.

‘The dance was a blast’

The dance was the day after Herrerra’s friends asked him to be their dates (8 September).

Herrerra said he wanted to get ready with his girl friends before the dance but he met up with them at the dance.

True Herrerra and his girl friend before the homecoming dance


Herrerra added: ‘The dance was a blast.’

He posted the sweet homecoming proposal video to Twitter last week (9 September) with the caption: ‘Soo all of my guy friends asked me to homecoming because they knew I wanted to be asked.’

He also used the trending hash tag ‘#validLGBT’

𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔢 ☾@Trueherrera_

Soo all of my guy friends asked me to homecoming because they knew I wanted to be asked😭


Friends and Twitter users responded to the sweet proposal in awe.

One person tweeted: ‘This is too cute!’

Another responded: ‘Oh my god I LOVE THIS.’

True Herrerra before homecoming

Check out the original story here: Gay Star News.








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