Don’t get me wrong, I love me a bi-sexual. There’s something erotic to the idea that your boyfriend swings both ways. It somehow makes them more mysterious and intriguing which makes you want them even more. There’s been a debate in the gay community for a while now – at least among people in their young twenties. Does Bi-sexuality actually exist or is it just the “bridge” towards homosexuality?
I hate to break it you folks, but bisexuality is alive and blooming. What I don’t understand is that if we (100% gay people) find it hard for straight guys to comprehend that gay men actually like boys, why is it hard to understand that there are some people that like both? It’s a little pretentious of us to think that way, right?
Perhaps the judgment occurs based on our own experiences. When we were young, most of us found it more comfortable to tell people that we were bisexuals. Somehow it made it more “okay” while we were in the transitioning phase. It allowed us to look more edgy and gave an impression to our friends that we were more open to new things, which gave us some new found respect in our circle. Since we went through this in our youth, maybe we have just assumed that this is the same tactic others are still using.
Bisexuality is prevalent today among young people. It is their “card” so to speak that they can use in deciding what they like and don’t like. They’re figuring out what works for them, if that means calling themselves bisexual, God forbid anyone stop it. Just be cautious, play it by ear and move forward on what your gut tells you.
I’ve seen many people (myself included) who have dated bisexuals and none of them ended well. Usually it ended in a bed full of tears and confusion, the bisexual crying that he doesn’t know what he wants. He likes girls, he likes guys, the pressure is so overwhelming. Blah, blah, blah… The funny thing was, I was shocked to figure out that all of these bisexual boys I had short-lived relationships with were all under 22.
Your early twenties are still an awkward age of deciphering your individuality. If you are disingenuous about your bisexuality, it will only last for so long before you completely surrender to your authenticity (be it girls or guys). This breaking point is usually around your mid 20s. With this in mind, I say be cautious when dating a bisexual during this time. You never know at this stage. Theycan actually be bisexuals, but it’s still an area you should be weary of. Enter it carefully, for your own sake.
When you are in your 30s or older, people generally know themselves a lot better. If they are still saying their bisexual, guess what. They probably are LEGIT! They’ve experienced the sexual freedom of their twenties and have fully come to the conclusion that they are in fact, into both sexes. Now… what do you do know? The truth is, it’s totally up to you.
Since your now boyfriend (or potential) is a legit bisexual, this might can cause more problems within yourself than the actual relationship. Sometimes people will get way more jealous when they’re dating bisexuals since the options of his outside sexual encounters have DOUBLED. This will cause anyone to be concerned. Here’s what you need to understand: a person’s sexuality doesn’t define their character. Just because he’s bisexual doesn’t mean that he is more prone to cheating, is more horny or more promiscuous.
If he is a well brought up man with a great head on his shoulders and believes in monogamy, then you have nothing to worry about. If he is a sexual being that is more into experimentation and “boyfriend sharing,” than the decision of moving forward is in your ball park. Just know that this kind of thinking can exist anywhere, doesn’t matter if he’s Bi, Gay, Straight, whatever. Dating a bisexual can be amazing, just be sure they mean what they say.
There’s a lot of posers out there.

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