Ricky Martin reacts to Puerto Rico governor's resignation: 'We did it'

‘We’ve rescued our island,’ the gay singer said.

As the embattled governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, resigned, Ricky Martin praised protesters and celebrated the news.

In a slow, softly-spoken Instagram video today (25 July), Martin, after over a week of protesting, described his relief over the governor’s stepping-down.

This came after a winding journey for over one million Puerto Ricans who had been campaigning for the the news that the 40-year-old governor will vacate his office on 2 August.

What happened?

Martin had been for days at the forefront of the protests. He was one of thousands of flag-wielding, placard-waving activists descending onto the capital of San Juan for the last week.

Moreover, he had been an unsuspecting target of scandal.

It saw leaked chat-logs from the governor and his inner circle saw a lawmaker make a homophobic joke about the out singer.

As many protesters clashed with police forces—who used tear gas and rubber bullets to control them—Martin praised protesters for not resorting to violence.

They ‘did it in peace’ with ‘no guns, like Gandhi.’

‘We’ve rescued our island’

He said campaigners ‘demanded respect and we were heard. Respect for our children, respect for our women, respect for the LGBT community, respect for our dead. This will never happen again.

‘We won’t let anyone walk all over us again. We will be attentive, vigilant.’

Moving on, with the Rosselló’s resignation imminent, Martin said he sees a ‘very bright future’ for the Puerto Rico.

‘We’ve rescued our island.’

When did the governor resign?

Hundreds of protesters were silenced by the video. Groups huddled around cellphones. People panicked to open up Facebook on their smart phones.

But as the 14-minute video lulled on, protesters quickly realized what was about to happen; Rosselló was resigning.

Flags shot in the air around the La Fortaleza, the governor’s official residence.

People danced to the beat of drums and clapped. The Democrat had publicly resigned in a Facebook livestream.

The very same medium he had, just a few days prior, announced he would not run in the 2020 elections.

Rosselló touted his administration’s achievements. A balanced budget, economic growth, and lowered taxes.

But for many locals, his premiership is one of the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a scathing recession that hollowed the pockets of the public, and political scandal.

This is a Puerto Rico which his expected successor, secretary of justice, Wanda Vázquez, will inherit.



Check out the original story here: Gay Star News.



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