As powerfully as gay rights are forging ahead in America, the challenges remain for many men navigating the gay dating scene. Meeting men in clubs seems to only take you so far. And most gay sites online are too sex-driven to start a meaningful relationship.

But there is good news for those who long to be part of a couple. A dating site exclusively for gay men has just launched. Gay Dating Solutions places emphasis on taking a Personality Survey and the completion of questionnaires about you and your match. The site is tailored to men seeking men for real love. Now that gay marriage rights are changing, perhaps this really is our season for love.

Gay Dating Solutions aims to do its part to keep the the gay love momentum going. The more happy couples we can play a role increating, the better America will be as not j ust a tolerant nation but a people who
understand the real power and beauty of love, no matter for whom.

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