When you’re in a relationship for too long, the butterflies
in your tummy eventually turn into indigestion, and you end up fighting more
than you ever thought possible. People who’ve been in long-term relationships
for years and are still crazy about each other; how do they do it? Well, we’re
here to tell you that they didn’t have to sell any souls, and you too can be as
cute as NPH and David Burtka. All you need to do is a make a conscious effort
to keep the romance alive. Some people have great intentions but don’t really
know what to do. As men, we were never really taught the whole romance thing,
and until we came out, people thought it was weird for us to express our
feelings like that. That’s why many of us are absolutely clueless, but not to
worry. Here’s how you can make sure your heart still flutters each time you see
each other, even years down the line:

Set the Atmosphere

Instead of watching TV in your ugly pajamas and eating
sloppily, you could dim the lights and go shirtless. Watch the movie, sure; but
put your head in his lap and let him stroke your hair, reach up and kiss him
during popcorn breaks, touch him as much as possible. Once you get the mood
right, he’s sure to respond. This doesn’t necessarily mean pausing the movie
and going at it right there (it could, though, nobody’s stopping you), but its
more about setting the perfect tone for the evening, and spending as much time
as you can being intimate and cutesy with your boyfriend. Romance isn’t always
about breaking out the fireman outfit; sometimes it’s just a night of cuddling
by the TV.

Make it Count

You probably tell your partner you love him about several
hundred times a day. But do you really think about what you’re saying, or has
“I love you” become just a habit before hanging up the phone? Experts believe
that you should always follow up an “I love you” with a reason. When your guy
does the dishes, you can say “I love you because you always do the dishes” or
“I love you because your butt looks greats in that apron”, it’s silly but it
means that you really are saying it because you feel it, and not just out of
habit. During the serious moments, it’s important to say it with true sincerity
and let them know how intensely you feel it at the moment.

Public Opinion

No matter what you say, the truth is that other people’s
opinions matter, and what people are saying about you makes a huge difference. Once
you’re in a relationship for more than two years, people assume you are a
boring old couple who barely has sex and absolutely detests each other. Your
partner may not be saying it, but this probably wounds their ego, as it does
yours. Counter this with constantly complimenting him in front of your friends.
Take him to buy clothes and tell the sales girl how much you love his forearms
in that sweater. Tell everyone about the sweet things he does for you. Don’t go
overboard as this will piss off your friends, but a little ego stroking can be
just as important as the other kind of stroking.

It’s easy to start taking each other for granted, but once
you decide to change things and keep the romance alive, you will automatically
start making all your other decisions based on that idea. The simple fact is
that you love each other, and once you start, expressing that love will come