Michael Henry broaches the topic in his latest YouTube sketch!

YouTuber and comedian Michael Henry‘s latest sketch is taking on a topic we don’t talk about nearly enough when it comes to the gay dating scene: is having a lot of confidence sexy AF? Or is it actually a big turn-off??


Making the case for vulnerability to his friend Josh while hanging out at the park, Michael says the reason why confidence isn’t necessarily important for him when it comes to guys is that confidence is often faked and confused for other things. 

“Well what do you like then?” Josh asks. “Insecure, emotionally-damaged men, like you?”

“I like men who are sure of themselves when it comes to work and life and their overall self, but I like guys who are insecure about those things too,” Michael says. 

“I like an assertive man! A sturdy man! A man who can achieve big things! A man who has a deep voice and a beard and a three-piece suit!” Josh then says later on in the video. 

“Okay see, now that’s the thing! I think that when guys say they want a confident man, that’s really just code for ‘I like a masculine man.’ The two are not the same, honey!” Michael quips back.

Points were made! 

Watch Michael’s latest sketch in the video below, and for more comedy videos, subscribe to his YouTube channel!


Check out the original story here: PRIDE.




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