If you’ve exhausted all your options in popular gay dating apps and you’re still not finding the people you’d like to date, consider a specialized app more suited to your needs. Maybe try Gay Dating Solutions, where single gay men sign up to find their one true life partner.


Gone are the days when you had to lie about meeting your significant other through a gay dating app. As smartphones have transformed the way we look for love, browsing through dating profiles to choose a potential partner has gradually become the new normal. But with so many people searching for a soulmate on these apps and sites, how can you stand out from the gay dating scene? These tips will improve your chances of matching with the right person.


Expand your expectations.

With the sheer number of people using these apps, picky daters could genuinely scroll through their options looking for their perfect matches forever. In fact, that overwhelming number of possibilities can distract you from the awesome profiles that are right in front of you.

Many dating app users find a match after taking a chance on someone they hadn’t originally considered. Perhaps they had ruled out this person as not fitting their ideal criteria, such as fitting into an age range or sporting a certain hairstyle. To find the right person, these users had to venture outside their dating comfort zone.


Remain active.

If you find yourself on the gay dating scene for an extended period of time, you may get tired of your current app. However, you should still keep your profile up to date, and while you’re at it, remember to regularly log in, run searches, and send messages. Even if you’re not seriously looking for love at the moment.

Why bother? Every action you take on a site or an app reveals more about your preferences and allows you to receive more likely matches. So keep your account in good standing and participate regularly. This will increase your chances of striking it lucky in the near future.


Know your apps.

Once you’ve settled into a rhythm with your dating app, check out all the features it offers. Otherwise, you might miss out on useful tricks for finding good matches.

In Gay Dating Solutions, for example, check out their Preferred Match option where you are matched with another member who not only matches your interests and physical description, but is also has a compatible response with your Personality Profile as well.


Don’t get caught in a small-talk loop.

No one-word “hi” messages. Don’t get stuck in the small-talk stage and start off with something meatier, basically anything that requires a response. It doesn’t have to be super clever, but little effort gives off a good impression AND gives me something I can actually reply to and get the ball rolling with.


Read their profile, especially if they mention their interests.

If you don’t know where to start the conversation, go off of their interests. And even if you know nothing about their interests, it’ll be a fun date and you’ll try something new.


Keep an open mind.

While profiles are important and should reflect a bit of effort on the person’s behalf, take some with a grain of salt. Not everyone knows how to snap flattering photos or write charming bios. Be open. Remember that some people just have zero game when it comes to social media. The coolest person might have an underwhelming profile, and the least appealing person might spend a lot of time making their profile look awesome.


Paying shows initiative.

While this is not 100% the case, you might have a better chance at finding someone looking for a serious relationship on a paid app. The platform you choose to use will most likely dictate what kind of relationship others are looking for. Be realistic with your expectations and know you *might* have better luck finding serious guys using a paid dating app.











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