There’s a winter crispness in the air, and romance is all around us. It’s holiday season, which means that gifts are coming, Eggnog is being poured and you’re looking for that special someone to meet under the Mistletoe.

But dating during the holidays can be tricky with all the family obligations, office parties and emotional upheaval. Here are our best tips on how to go on that magical date that will make you believe in Santa Claus again:


1. When in doubt, go out! The holidays are the best time to meet someone. People are happy, festive, and out more nights than normal. And with NYE and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air!


2. Be proactive. This is the perfect time to practice going up to a guy at a party. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation. Ask about his holiday plans, ask how he knows the party host.


3. Mind your alcohol intake! Holiday punches can carry quite a punch without realizing it, so swap some out for Sprite with lime, which looks the same as vodka. If you are drinking alcohol, be aware of how much you are drinking during your date.


4. Keep it classy. The holidays are a great time to wear that fancy cashmere sweater or sport coat, and some gay men who are also on the hunt for a new partner love it when they see a guy that can dress well. Jeans and a sport coat is never over-dressed at even the most casual holiday bash.


5. Be merry. When talking to someone new, mention the positive and festive things holidays bring. Don’t mention things that may sound self-deprecating or negative (that you don’t have someone for that NYE kiss) Remember this is a time of opportunities, and you could be talking to your future date!


6. If you’ve already had a couple dates, this is a great opportunity to show your special person that you can bring home-for-the-holidays to them. Whether that is cooking your signature dish, bringing in take-out and a movie, or going to see holiday lights – enjoy the holiday cheer with this new person!


7. If you have the holiday blues, try not to let it affect your date or consider waiting to date until after the holidays. 


Dating during the holidays can be fun because there are a lot of exciting events going on (some that might even be free or cheap) which means you shouldn’t have to sit through too awkward of a date. Plus, if things go well, you could end up with someone to bring to a holiday party–and someone else to buy and get gifts from!


With these tried and true tips, you’ll be sure to have an amazing Holiday Season.









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