“I’m not going to bow down,” says Lozano. “I am who I am. Accept me or not.”


A gay service member who once wore heels in a Veteran’s Day parade will become the next mayor of a small border town in Texas.

Democrat Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano captured more than 60% of the vote in the May 5 mayoral election in Del Rio, Texas, about 110 miles west of San Antonio. His opponent, Republican incumbent Robert Garza, picked up just 38%.

Lozano is the first openly gay elected official in the town of fewer than 41,000 people. And, at, 35, he’s also its youngest mayor.

Grassroots support right here in Del Rio, Texas.

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Prior to seeking office Lozano worked to clean up local waterways. He ran on a platform of bringing back tourism to Del Rio, as well as making investments in culture and infrastructure.

While serving in the Air Force, it was actually Lozano’s job to enforce “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” informing LGBT service members when they were being discharged. He described the role as “heartbreaking” to Into

A a result, he chose not to reenlist, saying, “I am not ashamed of who I am.”

As a veteran of foreign war having served as a Security Forces patrolman in the United States Air Force, I was held to high standards of accountability, reliability and decision making. I reflect on that experience as I uphold values that are a common core in the military. Respecting voters’ wishes and holding government accountable is something I strive for. In the 2017 November special election voters elected to create an independent auditor at city hall. I, along with council will see to it that an auditor is selected that is unbiased and capable of ensuring that the city’s accountability remains credible. I will also uphold the voters’ decision to keep term limits for elected city officials. We must ensure that voters’ choices are upheld, especially at the local level of government. Donations are welcome for the Lozano Campaign. Be part of the change. Del Rio United. #BrunoRalphyforMayor #TeamLozano #DelRioTexas

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When he donned pumps to march in the Veteran’s Day parade last year, Lozano says he received hugs and praise. But after the parade, a meme circulated on Facebook featuring pictures of him in heels and a tutu, and text calling him a “faggot” with AIDS. Lozano brushed off the incident, and his orientation didn’t appear to have an impact on the race.

“Stonewall happened because drag queens and a minority group stood up to animosity, and I had to go back in the closet because of that same hatred,” Lozano told Into. “I know what that was like, and it translates to today’s campaign. I’m not going to bow down. I am who I am. Accept me or not.”

It's Time Del Rio

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