Remember the thrill of flirting with a guy on the subway or having small talk with the hottie at your friend’s party? It was exciting and kept you on your toes, not to mention boosted your self-esteem to incredible heights. Well, something has changed drastically within the last five years. Not that face-to-face flirting is over, but in today’s world it’s been altered in the most sophisticated way: through digital.
Gay men nowadays are flirting through technology. In order to speak their language or get a first date, it seems you have to type it. I can’t remember the last time I met a guy who hasn’t asked me for my Instagram, Facebook or other network account. Whatever good or bad impression I make at first is then progressed via the Internet.
Even as a Millenial I have to put my foot down. It’s not that gay men are becoming socially unaware of each other, but there has been a significant drop of the head in recent years. Literally. I can’t go into a bar, coffee shop, or subway train without seeing the tops of heads for aisles and aisles. Many of them doing pointless things, all of them out of boredom.
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of flirting with head tops. When there’s no eyes to gaze into, it’s easy to become desensitized to the whole thing. Flirting is no longer left to the imagination, but rather sent through radio waves and satellites. I’m not speaking to a man anymore. I’m in a relationship with a profile page.
I’ve seen countless of my friends fall head over heals for guys they’ve met only twice, but because they’ve stalked them on Facebook, they feel like they know him. Everything about anyone is plainly written for the world to see and accept, forcing us to be at the mercy of their “About Me” section and hoping it reigns true.
Not that I’m boycotting Facebook or Instagram, but you’ve gotta admit, gay men are slowly becoming dependent on these platforms to speak for them rather than doing it themselves. Apps like Grindr also make it easier for gay men to find sex so even the old school hunting has gone. One or two clicks and you can have a horny guy over in no time. If things have changed this drastically in the last five years, who knows what’s going to happen in the next.
Flirting shouldn’t be dependent on tagging, adding, or poking on social media, but lived in the real world – where the real people are. If one more head top complains that guys aren’t flirting with them, I’m going to snatch the phone from their hand and hit them on the head. Out of love, of course.
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