A lot of gay guys struggle to know what qualities to look for in a man. Read on to find out what you should look for in a man in order to find Mr. right.

He cares

Having a man who cares about you is vital for every relationship. You need someone who will do everything he can in order to show you that he actually cares and to actually act out his caring tendencies even when you are sick, or just feeling down.


A quality man is a man of integrity. He would not lie to you in order to gain an advantage in your relationship because for him, the relationship is not a battle of wills. He is honest about his feelings and is not afraid to show how he feels.

He supports you

A man who supports what you do in life is a keeper. Of course, he may not always agree with what you do, but he will always be in your corner cheering you on and helping you.

This is great to have as he will support you in career choices, matters of health, your life, your opinions, and every other choice you chose to make.


This may seem obvious (no one wants to be in a relationship with a cheater, right?). But sometimes we get so caught up in a dazzling smile and pretty words that we completely ignore the fact that he’s got a bad history. If the man you’re into is a known cheater or tends to be overly flirty with every gay guy he sees, he might not be the faithful man for your committed relationship you dream about. It’s best to pass on this eye candy flirt-a-holic and find someone a little more stable.

He’s trusting

There is absolutely nothing worse than being with a guy who doesn’t trust you- even though he has NO reason not to. He’s the type of guy who calls you 15 times every time you leave the house. He’s the guy that accuses you of cheating when you arrive 5 minutes later than you said you would. He is the man you need to avoid at all costs, as he clearly lacks confidence and is somewhat controlling.


A good man is confident in himself and who he is. This is an important characteristic because when a man is self-confident, he is less likely to change who he is, and he will stay true to himself. A man with self-confidence will not be deterred from what he believes to be true and will not be easily pressured into doing things that he does not believe in. Self-confidence makes a man happy and fun to be around because he will not be constantly questioning himself or others around him.

He has a positive attitude

A good man should have a positive attitude, which may be difficult to find since we live in such a negative society. With a positive attitude, people will want to be around him and to have fun around him. A good man will be happy with his life and the world around him, and he will want to look out for others and help them. Positive people are usually quite different from negative people, and they tend to smile and laugh more. You will know if a man has a positive attitude by how he carries himself. He will be upbeat and look for the good in things and people. A negative person will always be complaining and seeing the bad side to everything, and after awhile they can be very hard to be around since they turn others around them into negative people. A positive man is always smiling and brightening up your day.


The man deserving of your love and commitment will be there for you. Not just in difficult times when you need his emotional support. Not just when you need a hand with a clogged pipe. He will be fully present when you’re together because you are important to him and he is not trying to hide it (perhaps not so much when he’s watching his favorite Netflix series).

So there you have it! Remember, you don’t have to look for a man that has all of these qualities (although that would be ideal). But stick to the ones that are most important to you, and you’ll find Mr. Right sooner than you think.





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