Looking for REAL love online? If you want to build a relationship at your own pace or simply make friends and enhance your social life, you may enjoy online dating. Online gay dating is the New Normal.

Online dating works in a similar way to the social networking sites. Most sites offer a free sign-up and allow you to search. However, there’s often a subscription fee for full membership, which will entitle you to reply to messages and access extra services.

While there have been some scary stories about meeting dangerous people via the internet, as long as you exercise common sense online gay dating can be fun.

If you are someone who is currently looking for real love or a serious relationship, here are some tips to help you find love online:

Be clear about what you’re looking for in your profile. 

Not here for hook-upslooking for dates, or looking for dates that could lead to something more are clear and to the point. All folks looking to send you on a walk of shame should swipe left (though to be fair, they may not even read your profile anyway, but you’ve done your part).

Do not say you’re looking for a significant other/boyfriend. That’s bound to freak out anyone.


Photos that worked best showed the user smiling and standing in the center of the frame, surrounded by others. Researchers suggest that the viewer may infer you’re a fun-loving person whom other people like to hang with.

Be brave and send the first message.

You never know how someone will respond to your messages. Sometimes you’ll meet someone that you feel may not have a connection with you, but across the digital divide on their side of the phone they’ve already been debating whether to message you for the past five minutes. So stay active in chats if you want to find your ideal matches.

Be aware of the energy you’re putting in and make sure it’s matched. 

A good rule of thumb I used after some trials was: if I texted, I’d wait until he texted me back. If I was the last one to set up a date, I’d wait for him to set up the next one. It kept me very aware if I was being curved and made sure I wasn’t building up resentments by always being the one putting more energy in than the other person.

It’s hard out there in the dating world, but good luck! If anything, dating apps teach you that love might just be a swipe away.

Stay the course.

So many gay men I know give up after just a few matches. To get the most of your online gay dating experience, you’ll need to generate a lot of matches and expect to go through a number of DUDs (Definitely Unworkable Dudes) before you get to the STUDs (Seriously Terrific, Utterly Devoted Dudes).

So many of us declare we’re finished with dating apps because of one bad date. We get upset when the “wrong” type of guy messages us. Or, we feel hurt when a guy ghosts us. We expect for it to work within a few weeks. Yikes!! All this negativity just brings about even more to be down about!

Be positive.

If you are serious about finding love online, you should start with a positive attitude. Be patient and optimistic because online gay dating requires energy, effort and time. Some people have it easy, while others don’t. But if you are determined to find your perfect match through online gay dating, start by cultivating a positive attitude.





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