Valentine’s Day can be a depressing nightmare if you’re gay and single, but it doesn’t have to be.

Just because in the middle of February everywhere you look is covered in hearts and reminders about love, it doesn’t mean that the 14th is only for couples. If you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day here are 8 fabulous ideas to distract you, and some you can even do with a BFF or a new date.

Band Together

If there is one single, there are bound to be others. Plus, power comes in numbers! Get together with other singles and bond over the fact that they are also, in fact, single together on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Fall for The “One True Love” Trope

The first thing to do is to break some of the detrimental mentalities that society has instilled in us. The first one being that there’s that “one special, magical person” out there for you. There are 7.1 billion people on this planet. Yes, I’m aware most of them are not necessarily gay or bi, but there are still millions of eligible men/women who are interested in your gender. So I guarantee there is more than one person on this planet who is right for you. Once you fully believe that, you’re able to breathe a little bit more easily on Valentine’s Day. You know that your future options aren’t as limited as you think, and if you want to, you can share your life with someone else down the road.

Have a Romantic Morning/Afternoon By Yourself

Have a glass of wine (or four). Take a bubble bath. Treat yourself to a massage. Order in food from your favorite restaurant. Buy yourself chocolates. There’s no reason you need someone else to spoil you. You can treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. Besides, you know better than anyone else what you like. So get all your favorite things. You do you!

Spoil Those Who You Love But Are Not Dating

There are so many versions of loved ones. Spoiling friends, family and just others in general is a great way to celebrate without a mushy significant other. Show everyone that they are loves, and why, even if it is just through a simple text.

LOL with Your Friends

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laughing is therapeutic. It exercises and stimulates positive receptors in your brain. The more you smile and laugh, the happier you’ll feel. Maybe go out to a comedy club.

Hunks on Film

Get your celebrity crush on and have a movie marathon with your favorite Hollywood Hunk.  We think Idris Elba is deserving of your attention tonight.

Choose to Be Bitter, Savor That Spite!

Have an anti-Valentine Day party. Are you single by choice? Ban anything pink. No heart-shaped anything, unless it’s broken or torn. You can even cut those chocolate hearts in half.

Remember It is Just a Hallmark Holiday

This is not Christmas, Easter or Halloween. It is, arguably, a holiday spawned from capitalism to trick society into spending loads of money on their significant others. That is probably not what Saint Valentine had in my mind when it comes to love.





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