If you are wondering whether you will ever find true love and you are hopelessly trying to find it, follow these tips for finding true love.

Know your true value. 

The greatest love you could ever invest in, is the love that you have for yourself. This isn’t about spending money on your physical appearance or becoming arrogant and self- absorbed, but rather knowing your true value and living your life in accordance to what you are deserving of.  The way in which we let people treat us is usually a reflection of how we see and values ourselves, and so often to others (not necessarily ourselves) it becomes quite evident of how much self- love we really have. Once you know your worth you’ll stop giving discounts and start to feel whole and happy even as a singleton.

Live a life you love daily.

The best thing about life, is that the majority of us were born with a choice of how to live it. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of every day routine, we can often feel like we are getting stuck in a rut and waiting for the next opportunity instead of actively seeking it out. However the only person stopping you from creating a life you actually love is yourself! When you build a life you don’t want to take a holiday from, you will find that daily existence also becomes a joy. Simple steps and choices all work together to form the ideal reality that you really long for, so start today by making better decisions and having an understanding that it IS POSSIBLE to love life everyday .

Be open.

If your desire is to meet someone new, then you must be willing to connect and open up with the people around you. If someone next to you in the coffee line strikes up a conversation, be willing to engage. Even if that person is not to be the love of your life, practice openness anyway. Developing this energy of openness will help you facilitate iterations that may lead to lasting relationships.

Declutter and get organized.

When your environment is full of rubbish, turmoil and chaos, it usually reflects that your life, mind and spirit is too. By cleaning out the old you are effectively giving the new permission to enter in.  Even if you feel like your head and heart are all over the place, you can at least bring a sense of order to your home and personal space by organising and decluttering the space. It’s amazing how our home and surroundings can really affect our mood, so get rid of anything negative or unnecessary and start creating a new physical foundation to build on which makes you feel at peace, in control and positive.

Forgive your exes.

While this can seem impossible, going through with it releases your baggage and helps you feel emotionally ready to move forward.
Depending on the circumstances, you might want to talk directly with certain exes, write letters to others, and forgive still others only in your own mind.
Whether your conversation is real or imaginary, take responsibility for your own part in what happened without bearing the emotional weight of the entire breakup.
Hold your ex accountable for what he did, but forgive the behaviors. Note that forgiving does not necessarily mean opening yourself up to further pain.
You can forgive someone without reopening a friendship, and sometimes that is the kindest way to handle things.

Forget About the Ideal Partner.

There is no such thing as an ideal partner so don’t expect from anyone to be ‘Ideal’ by any means.
There is no person that you won’t have quarrels and arguments with but there are people who are worth it.
No one is going to be ideal every day of the year and you have to accept the flaws that every person, including you, has.
True love is about the acceptance of the other person as they truly are, and learning to love every part of their personality no matter how far from ideal they are.

Be happy.

Perhaps the most important tip of this list is to be happy. Everyone wants to be around happy people; happiness is magnetic. So focus your energy on thinking about and doing the things that make you happy.

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