It’s not every day we meet someone and have an immediate connection. In a matter of minutes we become like a school boy again, and for days afterward the signs of LOVE begin to blossom. But despite the fact that your heart is pulling you towards his, it seems like there’s always hesitation.

What if he doesn’t feel the same way towards you? What if you’re rushing into things? What if you’re walking into the face of danger? Are these feelings even real? It’s like every time something good happens to us, we instantly begin to question it as if we don’t deserve it. Well guess what. Everyone deserves to be loved, and that includes you.
But before you take the leap, it’s always a good idea to investigate where you are in life. Though you may feel you’re ready for a relationship, sometimes a bit of soul searching can lead you toward a better experience.
  • Are You A Stable Person?  – If you can’t stand on your own two feet, how in the hell can you expect to stand with someone else? When your grudges, baggage, or insecurities are running your life, it creates a hole – a hole that you will constantly be searching for other people to fill.
  • Do You Love Yourself? – This is different from being whole. Love is accepting yourself for who you are, and appreciating the details of what you have to offer the world. When your focus isn’t on the things you lack, but instead the things you have, you’re more susceptible to find love outside yourself.
  • Are You Willing To Share Your Happiness? – Sometimes we can be too comfortable with our happiness, success, or progression in life that we feel a sense of protection over it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it may prevent you from being open to new opportunities.
  • Are You Content Being Single? – When you’re desperate to find a man, often times, the reason is because you can’t complete yourself otherwise. You must find your own happiness (without the man of your dreams). Your purpose in life is too big to waste it on a 24/7 manhunt to find the perfect boyfriend.
  • Are You Too Picky For Your Own Good? – Many people have an unwritten “list” of qualities that potential lovers must have, and if they don’t, they are out of the picture. Things like kids, religion, and career goals are all valid things to look for, but when it comes to judging based on fantasy or unrealistic expectations, it’s time to throw the “list” in the garbage.
  • Do You Know What Not To Look For? – Our past relationships are our greatest lessons. If you know that you’ve repeated a certain pattern when it comes to men, it’s obvious you need to reset your standards. Every person that comes in our life teaches us something, and if you’ve missed the lessons, you’re in for a whole lot of déjà vu.
  • Do You Know What You Stand For? – Knowing yourself is the most important thing. Having a sense of your limits, tastes, and views on important issues will make you less likely to “pretend” to like something in order to please others. You need to come in a relationship as yourself, not a puppet.
  • Does The World Revolve Around You? – A successful partnership brings out the best in each other. They’re meant to compliment, not replace. Empathy is important for a successful relationship. If you don’t have it, then you might as well stay single. You’ll be much happier.

Have you found the right one, or are you still searching?

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