Making 'Queer as Folk' Queer Again

Making ‘Queer as Folk’ Queer Again

A Queer as Folk reboot that no one asked for is finally in the works. According to Variety, Russell T Davies, the creator of the original UK series, is developing an updated version of the show with Bravo.

In 2018, there’s a lot that needs to be updated. Both the original UK version and the more widely-known US version centered mostly around the sex lives of gay men. Though the show was an empowering and unmatched form of representation during its time, it featured predatory romantic storylines, frequent misogyny, poz-phobia, internalized homophobia, no actors of color in the main cast, and a general lack of body fat. We’ve drafted a cast of some of our favorite LGBTQ performers who could give these characters the reboot they so desperately need.


Stuart/Brian - Ezra Miller

Stuart/Brian – Ezra Miller

In both the UK and US versions, this character was a typically chauvinistic bachelor type. He had a well-paid, glamorous job that helped him maintain his high end style. He could also bed any guy he wanted.

And if there’s one person who lives up to that last part, it’s definitely Ezra Miller. He’s the epitome of fluid sex appeal, makes a great villain, and he has a bold sense of style that can more than rival Brian’s. Let’s just hope an update of this character would leave his more problematic qualities in 2005.


Vince/Michael - Keiynan Lonsdale

Vince/Michael – Keiynan Lonsdale

In previous versions, this character was Stuart/Brian’s childhood friend. Charming in a boy-next-door kind of way, he was a socially awkward comic book nerd through and through. While their relationship remained platonic, there was always some subtle flirtation between the two friends.

Keiynan Lonsdale has become the queer community’s boy next door. Although more adventurous in his style and self expression than the original character, he can certainly pull off the innocent charm.


Nathan/Justin - Jeremy McClain

Nathan/Justin – Jeremy McClain

This character was literally a minor when he lost his virginity to an almost 30-year-old Stuart/Brian. Although he grew throughout the show, he was ultimately naive and adventurous.

Jeremy McClain certainly made an impression as a member of the House of Abundance inPosethis year. And with a face like that, he can certainly sell youth and venturesome. But maybe we can do without the statutory rape this time around.


Alexander/Emmett - Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

Alexander/Emmett – Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

This character received conflicting responses from the community. Although some saw him as a toxic, shameless stereotype, others found him to be a bold representation of gay men when there was very little representation at all.

In 2018, it’s important to give this character the proper treatment. Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman could definitely provide a nuanced and contemporary context to the exploration of this character’s femininity.


Phil/Ted - Daniel Franzese

Phil/Ted – Daniel Franzese

Phil/Ted represented a part of the queer community that struggles to fit into a heteronormative society. In the UK version, he quickly met a tragic end after a drug overdose. While that plot point came up in the US adaptation, he survived and went on to fight his addiction.

Daniel Franzese served a quality performance in HBO’s Looking that makes us think he has the range to handle such an emotional roll. Plus, it’s about time we start showing more love for the thicc boys.


Romey/Lindsay - Tessa Thompson

Romey/Lindsay – Tessa Thompson

This character is an old and close friend of Stuart/Brian who surrogates her and her partner’s son. In the US version, she was a very artistic and loving character.

Tessa Thompson has won over audiences in films likeDear White People,Sorry to Bother You, andAnnihilation. She always gives quite the performance with a beautiful and feisty range. She’s the perfect person to play this passionate, dynamic character.


Lisa/Melanie - Trace Lysette

Lisa/Melanie – Trace Lysette

As Romey/Lindsay’s partner, their complicated relationship was filled with both love and deceit. A lawyer, she had a very confrontational personality that often led her to butt heads with Stuart/Brian.

Trace Lysette has been all over our TV screens, fromTransparenttoPose. Her characters have a cunning wit, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a total babe. She could certainly demand the screen while serving Stuart/Brian some entertaining reads.


Hazel/Debbie - Wanda Sykes

Hazel/Debbie – Wanda Sykes

Mother of Vince/Michael, she was the heart of the show and the queer community’s fiercest ally. As the mama bear for the entire group, she never refrained from sharing her piece and making a statement.

Wanda Sykes is just that – a comedian and actress who’s been making statements her entire career. She’s the perfect performer to do such a role justice. Plus, we want to see her play Keiynan Lonsdale’s mom.



Check out the original story here: Out Magazine.








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