As if screwing up your courage and asking out your crush wasn’t hard enough, you then have to come up with an idea for the first date. Do you go for romance? Something chill, fun, or private? In general it’s best to avoid going over the top on a first date. Dinner and dancing might be nice in theory, but the energy and expense involved can be overwhelming. Plus, if you don’t click, then that’s a whole lot of time you’ll need to spend making small talk! Try these fun and unique date ideas:

Wine Tasting

Are you a bougie gay or what? We love the idea of a wine tasting for a date night out. There’s extra value than just going out for drinks since it gives you something to focus on and talk about with your date. There are plenty of wine-tastings you can do all around (most) cities. Wear a nice coat and tie, and pretend you know what the sommelier is talking about when he discusses the terroir of the grapes.

Museum or Gallery Opening

Even for people who don’t think they’re “artsy,” visiting a museum or gallery opening is not only a way to gain culture, it also helps create dialogue for two people who have never been on a date together.

Nature Walk or Hike

On warmer days, taking a walk in nature can be the perfect date. You can hold hands, talk, and get some fresh air and sunshine. There is a lot to see and you’re moving around, so there’s no shortage of new things to point out and discuss.

Open Mics

Open mics are everywhere, and often really fun. Impress your date and yourself by going up and performing, and prove you can do it, even if you have stage fright. Or just watch the other performers together, and give them a round of applause for their bravery. Open mic performances range from incredibly beautiful to really weird, so you may just get to see (or hear) something you haven’t seen before.

Musical or Play

Going to the theatre for your date is a nice alternative to the cinema, whether it’s a West End giant or a small independent theatre. There’s also that all important interval to discuss your thoughts over a tipple and get to know each other better.

Double Dates Game Night

Double date game night time is always a good idea. Invite COUPLES over to play Pictionary, Heads Up, Charades, or any other of your favorite games. Make sure the teams are in their appropriate couples initially. That way if you win, it will only validate the bond you have which might bloom into intimate tension later on. After that, switch the teams and tease each other a little.

Do a Spa Night

Sit in a bubble bath together, complete with exfoliating body scrubs followed by facials, foot massages and nail treatments. This, too, is better with reasonably priced wine.

A Sunset

Be spontaneous and ask him to meet you at the local pier to watch the sunset over the ocean. Bring a bottle of champagne, something to nosh on and arm yourself with some interesting local history, such as a shipwreck, doomed love affair among sailors or anything cool that’s washed up on the shore.

First dates can be scary or absolutely amazing. It’s what you make of it. Think outside the box and don’t rely on the traditional dinner and movie. That will get stale real quick.

Watch the sunset, visit a local art exhibit or go for a hike — just put some thought into it.





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