Being in a new relationship is always exciting and thrilling. Things seem to work out on their own accord in the beginning but the real problems tend to develop over time. Romantic gay relationships are tricky and confusing as one is often left wondering what he should or shouldn’t do. For those who are perplexed and often ponder if what he’s doing is right or not, here are some tips that should help make your next relationship last longer.


1. Make Time To Talk

We all know that communication is the key to every relationship, but the thing that most people ignore is that casual conversations are equally important. We have to make sure that we take time from our busy schedule to converse with our partner.


2. Listen To Your Gut

We should always have faith in our inner self. Trusting our instincts and following them can prevent many unfortunate incidents. It’s important to listen to that feeling we get in our gut because it is trying to tell us something meaningful.


3. Healthy Arguments

Healthy arguments are also very essential in a romantic gay relationship. We should never bottle up our emotions and instead should express ourselves when we disagree. We should also aim to resolve the issues whenever we get the opportunity because it will help in the long run if we avoid looking for a fight and letting things escalate.


4. Speak Your Mind

We have often heard that we should not be afraid to speak our mind. The same rule is applicable in a relationship too. We must not hesitate to tell our partner when we are happy, sad, excited or frustrated. There is no point in beating around the bush and letting them guess all the time, hoping they will be able to pick up on it.


5. Forgive And Forget

The bitter truth of life is that everyone makes mistakes. While many of us forgive our partners, we generally don’t forget the incidents. We may intentionally or unintentionally hold a grudge, but it’s important that we let it go.


6. Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous in a relationship always pays. Take your partner for spontaneous rides or just maybe a random walk downtown. Always have an element of surprise in your relationship- prepare their favorite meal or gift them an item from their wish list.


7. Don’t Be Shy With Your Compliments

Complimenting your significant other is the simplest way to show them your affection. We should make a habit of complimenting our partners; tell him how handsome he is or how thoughtful he was to do a deed for you.


8. Don’t Lose Yourself

In a relationship, one always tries to make the other person happy. But most of us forget that we can’t make someone else happy if we are not happy ourselves. Everyone needs alone time and we should take out time to do the things that make us happy.









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