Love and sex is what most of us strive to have in life, but when you’re in a long-term relationship it has the potential of becoming business instead of pleasure. If you’re not careful, sex can turn into a job. To please your man you need to keep him engaged and interested in not only the relationship, but the fantasies of what it can become.
Let’s face it. We’re men. A good portion of the day is invested in erotic fantasies and if we’re doing our job right, our man is at the dead center of it all. Whether the relationship is new or old we’re looking for new ways to please our lovers, and the best way to do it is by mixing a bit of basics with updated strategies. Here are a few that are sure to tickle your fancy:

1) Respect his boundaries, otherwise he’ll slowly begin to mistrust you. No one likes to be forced or pressured into doing something that’s uncomfortable, even if it is from a boyfriend. Though your sexual limitations might be wider than his, he’ll never find the courage to meet you if you don’t respect his boundaries.

2) Don’t judge or shame his sexual fantasies. We all have fetishes and most of us are too scared to say it out loud because we’re fearful of judgment. The bedroom isn’t a place for secrets. We’re animals, we’re men, we’re lovers, we deserve to know our others fantasies judgment-free. The last thing you want is to make your boyfriend feel bad about confessing something so secret.

3) Have a sense of humor about things because if you can’t turn something awkward into something funny, chances are, it’ll just be awkward. When something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s never a time to mope or curse the effort. Instead, turn it into something funny to maintain a solid connection.

4) Exaggerate your submissiveness so he feels he has total control over you. There’s nothing like going out to the gayborhood and coming back home a little typsy, limber and ready to be dominated over. The mornings after are always the best. Once or twice a week, let him fully take you. He’ll subconsciously draw an emotional bond too strong to damper.

5) Join him in the shower when he least expects it. Could be in the morning before work or at night after a long workout. Naked bodies lathered in soap and hot steam never fails. I love to be with my man under the shower head, alternating sides. It’s romantic and keeps the mind going for the remainder of the day.

6) Stock your bed full of pillows. Not only will this give you reign to be more comfortable during sex since you’ll be able to place things under or over you, but it can also inspire you to try new positions. Invest in big ones, small ones, soft ones and hard ones. You’ll be surprised at what they can do.

7) BJ Surprises never fail. Whether you’re watching a movie together on the couch or if you’re parked in your car waiting for something, no man is ever going to deny a BJ.
*Tip: Always carry gym towels and wet wipes in your car, preferably minty scented ones. You never know when you might need them to wipe yourselves clean. Knowing you have them handy, there will be no excuses.

8) Commitment is key to creating the right atmosphere. Never apologize for your surprises or spontaneity, otherwise he’ll sense that your confidence isn’t where it should and he’ll undoubtedly meet you there. The goal is to keep him engaged, not to feel guilty. If you’re not fully committed to the act it will take away from the moment.

9) Honesty & truth go a long way, especially in long-term relationships. There’s no need to withhold information or be scared to express how you feel. Insecurity can sometimes be contagious. Whenever you’re afraid to speak up about something, in time he’ll be too. That, or he’ll assume you have no limits and will take advantage of it. Every man respects honesty and if you don’t give it to him, he’ll only assume it’s out of the picture.

10) Aim to satisfy him and he’ll return the favor. Satisfaction is a two-way street. If both of you aim to satisfy the other, it’s only going to work in both your favors. It’s give and take. You give, he gives. He takes, you take. The first thing he thinks when you’re giving him a killer BJ is how amazing it feels. The second is how good he wants to make you feel next. Aim to please your man and you both win. Period.

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